In the third segment of our webinar series with Facing History and Ourselves, we further explore ways in which educators can pair high-quality teaching resources from both organizations, this time through the lens of teaching the Holocaust. While there are many topics for which Facing History and Listenwise resources pair well, this one serves as an especially illustrative example.

If you want to see our previous webinar recordings and access related resources, you can find them here:

Here is the webinar recording with links below for the resources mentioned within it:


Facing History and Ourselves offers many great resources to guide students through a study of the Holocaust with attention to the emotional journey it entails. You can find their blog recap here and links for resources they mentioned during the webinar below:


In the webinar, we share Listenwise audio stories that complement these Facing History resources, particularly their Holocaust and Human Behavior program as well as their guide for Teaching Night.

Here are some stories we mention during the webinar:


In addition to the topic of the Holocaust discussed in the webinar, there are many other topics for which Listenwise and Facing History resources pair well. Here are a few other sample pairings:



To Kill a Mockingbird


As you think about other topics you teach related to history, literature, and current events, particularly involving issues of ethics and human behavior, remember to check out Facing History and Ourselves and search Listenwise to find high-quality audio stories and related instructional resources to support your teaching.