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This blog was originally published on March 13, 2020 and has been updated on June 29, 2020 to reflect our updated free trial and hybrid learning resources.

At Listenwise, we watched how the outbreak of the coronavirus caused many schools to close temporarily and rely on remote and hybrid learning for the rest of this 2020 school year. As a result we opened up access to Listenwise Premium.

Now that schools are ending for 2020 we have gone back to our regular 30-day free trial of Listenwise Premium.

If you are a single teacher or parent seeking access to Listenwise Premium for remote or hybrid learning, you can join free for access to Listenwise PREMIUM for 30 days.

As you are planning for the upcoming school year in Fall 2020 be sure to check out our resources:

If you are interested in chatting with us about flexible plans for your flexible needs, schedule a call with us here.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you and your students while your school is closed. We wish you all good health!

Monica Brady-Myerov

Founder and CEO, Listenwise


About Listenwise:

Listenwise is an online platform that supports remote learning with easy-to-use lessons and quizzes. Listenwise offers a curated collection of more than 2000 lessons featuring brief nonfiction audio stories for students in grades 2-12. Lessons address current events and popular curriculum topics in English language arts, social studies, and science. Listenwise sources podcasts from public radio and other producers of high quality educational audio content.

Listenwise lessons help students develop listening comprehension and other core literacy skills and build academic vocabulary and background knowledge in a wide range of domains. They offer opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking about important topics and make connections between the curriculum and the world outside of school. 

    • We are a small team dealing with a large influx of requests- thank you for your patience! You should have access now, but if not please email us at support@listenwise.com and we’ll be sure to get you set up today!

  1. christine santerre says:

    Tried to sign up for the free premium account but haven’t received anything back yet.

    • Hi Christine, we are a small team dealing with a large influx of requests that have to be manually set up currently (we are working on honing our system) – thank you for your patience! Make sure you are signed up for the free trial- since that will extend past 30-days and you’ll have Premium access.

  2. Linda C Hulen says:

    I’m interested in the materials you are offering, particularly your curated list of stories about Coronavirus. Your March 17 story “Coronavirus Explained for Kids” contains understandable explanation of the virus.

    What grade level is this story aimed for? I couldn’t find the level when I listened to it from your searchable library, but I would peg it for primary students.

    The story is lacking immediacy and discounts the way COVID is affecting students. They might not get sick, granted, but how many kids in this nation are facing a new version of school because of COVID-19 closures. Suddenly no more school as they knew it. They are confined to their homes, learning from alternate worksites.

    And then there’s this weekend’s exponential growth of COVID-19 cases in New York and New Orleans and the lock down of communities all over the nation as health authorities and state/local governments attempt to contain the virus and keep the medical system from collapsing. No elective surgeries, pleas for swabs and masks and personal protective gear, and confusion at every level of government about how many breathing machines can be found or manufactured.

    Not to mention the new addition to our vocabulary — social distancing.

    This story needs to be undated. Children know this virus is affecting them, even if they aren’t as threaten by serious illness as grandparents or even older parents might be.

    I realize you are a small organization with a big job, and I appreciate what you are doing to give young people a handle on current events. I also appreciate that you are including one of the fastest-breaking stories ever in your line-up of offerings. For proof, just look at the quickly changing websites of most any news organization (i.e, NY Times, Washington Post, Anchorage Daily News). You are brave!

    My suggestion (short of recording an updated story): Include a critical thinking question for students: What could you add to this story, based on what is happening now in your community?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, my name is Igsa, I’m a high school teacher in Panama city, Panama, I assigned one of your podcasts to my class so they can reinforce their listening skills through this excellent tool, however when they try to sign up, it’s asking for a code, I’m not sure what’s this code, can you please help? The podcast is “Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing.”

  4. Amanda Lauzon says:

    Glad you guys are letting parents use this site for free because of this virus. Being out of work and now having to help my son with school is a very challenging thing.

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