The release of the Mueller report has clarified the threat to American democracy posed by foreign interference in the U.S. election process, including manipulation of the public through social media. As we look ahead to the next election cycle, the urgency of teaching media literacy continues to grow. In honor of National Media Literacy Week last November, we launched a Media Literacy Contest. Because we had such great engagement with the contest, we decided to make the scavenger hunt available as a regular classroom activity for those who did not have a chance to participate. (No prizes this time–sorry.) Now teachers can use this quiz activity any time to teach critical listening skills through engaging stories about the importance of media literacy with a fun web-sleuthing spin.

Remember, In order to use the media literacy quiz activity, make sure you have a Listenwise Premium account or are signed up for our free 30-day trial  so you can assign and submit student quizzes.

This scavenger hunt game invites you to apply your media literacy skills to identify facts and fakes.

To participate: Simply assign the quiz on the current event to your students and let them search and explore Listenwise stories to hunt down the answers.

As students take the quiz attached to the current event, they will be given clues to find Listenwise stories related to the theme of media literacy. The quiz will guide students through everything, so they can participate individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.

Once students have found the right stories, they should listen to them carefully and hunt down the answers to the related questions. (Scavenger hunt stories will have a special icon so that they know they found the right one.) We recommend working with two tabs or windows open at once–one for the quiz, and one for the stories.

We hope your students enjoy exploring Listenwise in a different way while learning about media literacy!



Please leave us comments on how things went!