Never before have there been so many different learning environments for K-12 kids. If you are now in a pandemic pod or a homeschooling situation, Listenwise’s podcast lessons support your children’s learning in any setting, including outside a regular K-12 classroom.

Podcast Lessons for Any Curriculum

Whatever your curriculum, you can find engaging stories to help you teach listening and other literacy skills, while also addressing standards for ELA, social studies, science, and social and emotional learning. Whether your kids are emergent bilinguals, struggling readers, or reading at or above grade level, Listenwise can support all students grades 2-12 in their learning. 

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Be sure to sign up for the 30-day free trial of Listenwise Premium to explore all the features, including interactive transcripts and auto-scored quizzes. (If you are a homeschooling parent, you can sign up as a teacher.) You will find more than 2000 podcast lessons that are perfect for equitable remote learning. 

You can help students better understand the pandemic and its impact, or engage them with fun, light podcast lessons that are informative and full of academic language. Podcast lessons can help students connect current events to history, around issues of race and Black Lives Matter, for example, or Native American culture and heritage. Our curated lesson collections can help you teach themes such as shaping identity, perseverance, or the human connection. You can use the search feature to find stories related to topics of interest, such as sports, health, or animals.

Flexible Pricing Options

After exploring and trying out some lessons with your students, reach out to us to learn more about our flexible pricing options to support you and your students at this time. It might make sense for you as a homeschooler or pod educator to order a “single teacher subscription.” Request a quote or contact us if you want to chat about flexible options to fit your needs.

Downloadable Instructional Resources

Download our literacy coach’s toolkit to access sample listening lessons focused on the skills of understanding vocabulary and identifying main idea, two of the eight key listening comprehension skills that are assessed via Listenwise quizzes. 

Explore our free Teacher’s Guide to Podcasting [PDF] to start creating podcasts via project-based learning. Here are many more excellent podcasting resources to support student podcast creation. 

Or, listen to our podcast, Listenwise News Bites, featuring three current events stories with accompanying reflection questions in each episode.

If you still have questions and would rather chat via email, connect with us at